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Bluedio EH Clip-on Bluetooth V4.0 Headset w/ Microphone - Black

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Описание:Acme technology high quality music experience; Adopts the latest 4.0 Bluetooth chip; Various Bluetooth EQ modes switching and various rock music enjoying; Ready connect to Near-Field communication(NFC); The perfect display of Bluetooth 4.0; Ultra low energy technology 300hrs standby time about 5hrs music playtime; Multi-pairing and language switching function; The third generation Bluetooth Headset EH will bring the wonderful music experience to you; Bluedio EH is not only the world's first clip-on Bluetooth Headset with Bluetooth version 4.0 and the top technology NFC function but also the 2013 year-end masterpiece designed by Bluedio team and the famous chip manufacturer CSR. The trumpet drive units of Bluetooth Headset EH developed by our Bluedio research team together with the third generation HIFI earphone cord we believe that music will be performed wonderfully; Bluedio EH Bluetooth headset uses the latest 4.0 Bluetooth chip which is produced by CSR a famous British chipset brand and built-in audio suppression solution it can create HD audio and a wide frequency response. It is a brave breakthrough for Bluetooth music transmission. Composed of unique speaker structure of Bluedio it gives a special music world with HD audio and ultra low energy consumption; Bluedio R&D team combines the latest NFC technology with the new Bluedio products such as EH. Offering a simply touch solutions; Bluedio EH Bluetooth headset has ultra-long standby time up to 300hrs and Bluetooth music playtime up to 5hrs let the music be with you every moment; Bluedio EH supports 5 Bluetooth EQ modes such as rock classical and pop you can haphazard select and switch combining with the HIFI earphone cord the will bring the music feast to you; With the multi-function design concept Bluedio EH can connect with two mobile phones and support switching function in both Chinese and English. Specification of Bluedio EH: Bluetooth Version: V4.0 Bluetooth Protocol :A2DPAVRCPHSPHFP Operating Distance: Up to 10m (free space) Talk Time: About 5hrs Bluetooth Music playtime: About 5hrs Standby Time: About 300hrs Charging Time: About 2hrs